How do you use the gown?

This can be used as a welcomed alternative to the traditional hospital gown or night gown for home births.  Bring it with you to the hospital or have it ready at home to put on once labor begins.  The gown fully covers front and back so you can feel comfortable walking and moving to help with labor.

What if I decide to get an epidural?

The back of the gown is able to be opened fully for epidural access, if needed.  It opens in a wrap style, so undo the outer left side first, then the inner right side for complete access.  Once the epidural is in place, a nurse or partner can help to wrap the gown back up.

Why should I wear it during birth?

Labor is hard work and mom's underestimate the exhaustion they will feel once the baby is born.  By placing baby between the bonding panel and your chest, you can bond with your baby immediately after birth with out fear of dropping baby if you start to doze off.


What do I do if the gown gets covered in...'baby stuff'?

Skin to skin gowns are machine washable and dryable.  If it gets messy, you can asked to have it washed.  Alternatively, you can purchase more than one so you can have one to wear while the other is being washed.

What is 'golden hour'?

The golden hour or hours after birth is the first 60 or more minutes after delivery where skin to skin bonding is crucial for mom and baby.  The well-documented benefits include temperature regulation for baby, reduced stress levels for both mom and baby, stimulates breast milk, and produces overall better outcomes for both mom and baby.