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Skin to Skin Gowns

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Skin to Skin Gown

Skin to Skin Gown

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This is gown is AMAZING!    From labor and delivery, to postpartum bonding, to support for breast or bottle feeding, and support for mom's recovery--THIS GOWN DOES IT ALL! 

Proudly made in the USA, this gown is a MUST for every mom.  100% washable, our gowns can be used for both Labor and Delivery AND Postpartum bonding.

Use for Labor and Delivery

Welcome your new baby while wearing this wonderful alternative to the traditional hospital gown. 

  • Lovely design makes moms feel comfortable and cozy.
  • Front slit to allow for fetal monitoring and easy access to pelvic area
  • Uniquely designed back to fully open for easy access to epidurals while maintaining full coverage in the front.
  • Bonding panel allows for immediate Golden Hour bonding

Use for Postpartum care

Mothers need to recover without worry after this momentous event.  Our unique bonding panel allows for immediate skin to skin bonding, while securing baby and preventing dropped baby. New mothers are often exhausted and often unable to securely hold her baby. We help facilitate the most wonderful experience between mother and new baby;  Bonding

  • Secure baby to mom’s chest allowing mom to rest while reducing the risk of dropping baby
  • Support baby during feedings, either by breast or bottle, by positioning the cross sections behind baby’s back and under baby’s bottom.
  • Cool and lightweight for moms who sweat and easy to layer with a robe for moms who are chilly

It is everything a new mom needs to feel comfortable during delivery and bond with her newborn without worrying about dropping her.

**Please note, this gown is designed to be used in a sitting or reclined position. It is NOT meant to be a carrier for baby. If mom becomes drowsy, she should put baby in a safe sleeping position, Alone On Back In a Crib.**

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