Our Story

 Pain + Purpose=Passion

 Owner Lisa and her husband Paul excitedly went to the hospital for the birth of their 4th child.  After a long labor with lots of twists and turns, but little progress, the doctor recommended that a C-section was the best option.   Extremely grateful for a healthy baby boy, but physically and emotionally drained from the 24 hour process, Lisa was disappointed and saddened that she could not immediately hold her newborn child.  The next days and weeks after surgery proved difficult for Lisa.  She was taking a lot of pain medicine and also had very limited mobility because of the surgery. She struggled to feel comfortable bonding with her newborn while recovering herself.  But through this pain came the purpose:  Create a gown that is snugly comfortable AND is uniquely designed to be worn into the delivery room so an exhausted new mom can immediately have the necessary support to bond with baby with out the fear of dropping her.  Additionally, this gown can be used after you leave the hospital for skin to skin bonding, rest time for baby and mom and feedings, either by breast or bottle.  Thus, the idea for the Skin to Skin gown was born. We give moms the ability to bond with baby without the fear of dropping so mom has time to rest and recover. It really is the PERFECT gown from labor to late night feedings and everything in between.